There are 9 galleries of images taken at the Gala65 Event. (850+ images).

To view the images click on a gallery name link to view the gallery. Each gallery contains between 60 and 100 images for you to view.


Once there click on the little box underneath the thumbnail picture and then click on the “Download Selected Images” button at the bottom of the gallery.

It is recommended to only download 1 or 2 pictures at a time as the files sizes are large (3Mb – 20Mb). Pictures are downloaded as a zip file. For help with how to uncompress these files so you can view the pictures can consult the following:

Windows 7: Uncompress files on Windows 7
Windows 8: Uncompress files on Windows 8
Mac: Uncompress file on your Mac

You can also click on the image and once it loads you can right-click on it and save it as well.